PRAS s03e02: Judges

Who the fuck is Alyssa Milano? How many blow jobs does it require for someone like Alyssa Milano to make her a host on Project Runway?


It is not unheard for the judges to dress inspired by the challenge. And just like Elena, Alyssa thinks Avant garde is structured shoulders and crazy eye make up. And her shoes are fugly.


Second judge is some jewelry designer. Judging by what she is wearing, probably sells her designs for 2 euros each at a holiday town in Mediterranean coast.

3rd one is the charm and she was probably asked to participate in order to remind designers what type of qualities they need in order to win


After all the debacle of Anya’s win, I would have thought Bunim/Murray would act like that never happened. She wasn’t a total dumb, like you would expect from other ex-models with sex tapes with no significant talent but what surprised me the most was her, liking Elena’s jumpsuit as you know it had sleeves, and sleeves aren’t Anya’s thing.

Boy, Georgina Chapman had a lot to plug didn’t she?


And she is certainly sporting one of her ready to wear looks. She is the only one that makes sense in this panel. Both as a designer with a tendency to couture and as a judge who won’t say anything that is whispered by the producers.

And about Isaac Mizrahi; I think it is embarrassing for any person in his age and his resume to be willing to sink as low as now or the 2nd season just to guarantee a future relationship with Bunim/Murray. He sure is the perfect judge, with seemingly no conscience or autonomy and as much a camera whore as any reality show star. So he doesn’t get a pic here, nor he ever will.


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